Friday, 5 October 2012


       I went there again ,, and sat there again with the people I like ,, Good people that I can't be like them but I can look at them ,, Share my toughness with them ,,and let them heal me ,, may be I'm exaggerating but they are very good ,, and I'm Still surprised .. But I'm happy , when I get to something good ,That I find out it is better than me ,, I get humble . I get quiet and I start fill my self with them ,, This is something I was waiting for , for a long long time now. from the writing point of view and seeing some REAL good people as well. it is nice to sit on this shore and feel the ocean in your skin pores .. this thirsty Skin .. this athirst Soul  ..

       Th topic was " Good morning Star Shine , The Earth says Hello ! " and we started our 20 Minutes :

      In those 5 seconds of free falling , I was thinking about all the mistakes I've done from this morning , in order to avoid THIS, and now it is happening .
      First I left "Suzanne" and kids , without any note , not even the yellow sticky on the fridge, I just packed minimally and got out of My 15 year old life. Just like that .Then I drove all  the road with 140 Km/hr , and I killed that withe rabbit Also .. All because I wanted to go Up this mountain before Darkness, as I am very bad to do any thing and I mean any thing in the darkness , and if her home was on top of this Hilarious rocky  mountain so I had to ...
     By this time I reached the bottom of Canyon with the loudest noise , I was waiting for an explosion to follow , but it didn't . The seat belt was half way in my chest and i was watching the air bag shudder with the rythem of my heart , but I was surprisingly steel alive , but bloody , bloody as my life , bloody as Earth 

    I guess I managed to do the one and only right thing in my life That now I don't know if it was right or not , but it seemed so right there, you know me and Suzanne used to Call each other with natural things like fire or wind or sun or soil or rain or Any thing .. but I weren't using these terms any more, it was a long time . 

   I Sent a SMS to "Suzanne"  : " Good morning Star Shine , The Bloody Earth says Goodbye ! " and died after pressing the Send button . 

   I'm not sure now, I hope that she doesn't get angry that much .

    I finished it and didn't want to share it after hearing what they've Wrote in that 20 minutes .. but I Said WTH .. what is going to happen .. so I did read it finally and they again said that it is very good .. I asked them to tell me what should I do to have a larger vocab. Library in my mind and they said I have to read A lot in English, probably as much as I do it in Farsi .. It is very hard I know ,, but I'm gonna start doing it .

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