Friday, 21 September 2012

The Mailman Came ...

       Well I finally joined this "Writers Club" as passed Tuesday,  as I always wanted to get more serious in writing in English , in which as a matter of fact I have a very long road to pass .

       The group is consist of 10-12 writers varying from an old guy who has two published novels and is working and the next ones and lives on his income from writing , to me who is the new beginner in English writing . they were very very supportive and welcoming, and I really enjoyed my rank there ( The weakest member of the group -Given to me by myself- ) as I always was trying to get somewhere that every body is better than me so I can easily and joyfully quench  my desire of learning from each and every one of them.

       They started by introduction of themselves and for me - seeing nothing from Canadians but my bosses - it was very nice to see some ordinary people with spectacular talent of writing and it was - I hope - that first step that I always wanted to take to get to  know some "Better" people in this society .

       Then they pull out a prompt and gave every one 20 minutes to write about it . again it was a dream come true for me being in an exercise like this after a long long time .. and this time in English .  The Prompt was "and Then the mailman Came" and every body started right off , but for me it just took 10 minutes to take my time and enjoy looking my self sitting there .. just sitting there . and in the remaining 10 minutes I wrote this :

      The mail man finally came with his pink ship out the pink sky , and everybody in 9th section gathered in the yard to see if they have any mail in this century . It was a long time , a very long time just waiting for a letter to come . It was 700 years for me an due to others I knew that it could be just the beginning. 

      The mailman started to read names ,  Zack , Mack , Pak , Chak , Flak , Tak and Lack were in first group . they went up the stairs and got their mail Microchip inserted in the back of their neck. Wow ,, the Flash in their eyes was just astonishing, I - not having a letter before -  could easily die in return for Knowing what is in their letters . Flak burst in tears as she was smiling as well ... 19 Other groups passed by and in the last group , the last name was ... Piz .. Oh My .. am I analysing correct ?!

      The Mail man inserted the Microchip in the back of my neck , Oh what a joyful moment , what a bless . Going back to my space I heard my self confirming that I can definitely wait for the next 6700 years for my  next  letter . 

       Yes , that was it , and I read it among the master pieces ( in my opinion that the other members created in that 20 minutes .. they were way more Pro. than what I was thinking or may be I am "Nadid-Badid" in this category in Canada, anyway I really enjoyed hearing them reading what they have created in that short period of time , and I was surprised that as someone who hates "Fantasy-SiFi" , the first thing I wrote in English was in that Genre , and what a creepy one .. but they were Clapping for me .. they just did this for another guy who wrote a Tremendous Poem on this subject and I knew that they are doing this to encourage me and they certainly did so .. But me being much more on " Taghrir - e - Haghighat " Side of things really wanted them to tell me my problems and tell me how could I write something better or what part of the Structure I could fix , but they were insisting that it was an awesome job that I did .. two of them said that My sentencing is very similar to "Ernest Hemingway" :)))) .. and they were saying that so serious and real that I had real goosebumps there.. then I thought that these guys really "know how to impress" for sure !!

         Well yes I'm impressed and so excited to do the assignments and get back there in 2 weeks and I know that they call themselves a " Soft Crew " and not " Critique group " But I'm gonna make them stop the Hemingway story and Pick on me more serious . But who knows .. may be the next Ernest is writing this lines right now ;D ...

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