Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Woman named BLANK

Well here is another 20 minutes Story of mine ..


    Jan 11/2009 
     Well Dr. Erik ! I guess when you are reading this I'm already where I had to be some years ago . and you didn't let me be .. You didn't let me finish this horrible Story of  ... 

    Jun 12/2009 

     .... Yes I'm Killing my self now .. and I can't even give this letter to you , because I don't know your address and if I ask the girls in the hall to drive me there she'll find out about my plan . yes I have a Plan .. I want to ... I want to ...

    Sep 15/2009 

     .... Now That I'm writing this letter I've already made a deep cut on my wrist .. and I know that I've done that for a very Serious reason . but ... 

    Mar 19/2010 

     .... Dr Erik ! this new guy called me Idiot again .. last night .. while I was trying to explain to him That I've never ever seen him before ,, he was forcing me to hug and kiss .. but I'm married you know .. yeah .. I'm sick and tired of this .. and I had these thoughts of  ending my life since this morning .  and they are very strong right now .. and I'm looking for this fuckin' Razor ... 

    Jan 1/2011

     ... They left me home alone on new years Eve . and it is very bad to be alone as you might know .. 
I Don't care for pain tonight .. I'm gonna jump .. 
   With love 
  Sincerely  .... 

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