Friday, 1 March 2013

Mistake !

پروژه پایانی کلاس 
داستانی در 500 کلمه . 

In the coldest office in Manhattan, some blue walls were hearing: "Unfortunately Jane, I should say that due to our tests, you only have 4-5 months left. I'm deeply sorry but we noticed it too late." Said Dr. Hays in the lowest voice." Is there anything I can do for you?" Walls then saw a trained body of the last year's Olympic swimming champion bent, as  she wants to collect scattered pieces of herself. While playing with her shoelaces Jane muttered: "Thanks Doc, you've done enough"
Cool breeze whiffed in her curly hair, turning the key in their condo's lock, she knew what she's going to do.

Paul was in the shower and the room was lightened with scented candles, her favorites, on the red table by the window there was two tall glasses of mango smoothie, their favorite, and Nat king col was singing "Mona Lisa".

She hushed the candles and music, turned some lights on and dumped one glass of smoothie in the sink. The sink drank the smoothie with a loud noise and Jane heard and watched it all going down. She sat on the couch trying to swallow her heavy sob. The couch could feel the heaviness.
Right into wondered hazel eyes of Paul she looked, trying not to look at sliding drops on his twisted muscles "We should talk!" Felt like she was diving "I slept with Nick." Paul crashed on the floor. "It happened two weeks ago, you were in Chicago." Paul looked down, thinking. "It's killing me Paul, I …" Staring at the wall he was trying to recall. His mind was struggling to make sense and succeeded. "Nick!" breath took this name out of his head. "I'm leaving tonight Paul, we had a …"
"I don't know what you do, but I'll kill myself, exactly as I told you last week when you were "Joking" about leaving me… you weren't joking Jane and neither did I."
He took the glass from the table, poured all his Diltiazem pills in it and started stirring. "I’ll drink it tomorrow morning. It’s your decision Jane!" Jane walked to bedroom trying to keep her balance and tears. Paul crumbled on the couch and the couch decided to give him a deep one.
6 AM Jane and the suitcase were leaving. Jane made another Mango Smoothie and replaced it with the one on the table, and then she went to the kitchen to dump the other one but remembered the loud noise so she left it in the sink. Turned on the Music with a low volume and left.

Paul woke up with the sun caress on his face and noticed King is singing "Smile.” Looked at the glass on the table and thought why should I?
He went to the kitchen for a Majestic-Curing breakfast, and Saw the Glass there and thought: Some Favorites stay! And drank the whole glass. Started the Coffee machine, Opened the window, Along a deep breath whispered "Smile …!"

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